hello all & welcome!

Hello All,

This starts the beginning of an older adventure taking a creative and very artful turn! Blossom Accents was started in 2008 with the intention of creating mostly stationery. My creative spirit was not completely satisfied and I've decided to expand into a fine art area of creativity.  I will be adding a collection of my own original paintings and prints to the shop soon and I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. 

Henri Matisse once said "creativity takes courage" and he was right on spot with those words! Sharing my art is in a way like sharing a part of my soul. It makes one more transparent. This makes things even more exciting!

Every so often I will share on this blog artists that inspire me and my creativity. As an artist, I am in constant need of being inspired, refreshed and energized. I hope you enjoy reading and commenting on whatever you like and why. "Community over Competition" has been on my mind. I feel it is so important for artists to stick together and support one another. After all, life is not about competition but about relationships and we all learn from each other!